The Kia Sports Car Gets Another Upgrade for Even More Fun


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Kia’s sport sedan is getting a special edition later this year, and Lancaster Kia is excited about what has to offer. Called the Kia Stinger GTS, the exterior will get several carbon fiber touches while an optional all-wheel drive system promises to give drivers extra handling and control.

How Different is the Stinger GTS?

Starting with the optional all-wheel drive system, the new Kia Stinger promises to deliver even more fun than its other siblings. Selectable modes allow you to decide just how much power is distributed between the front and rear wheels, and it even has a drift mode for those who truly love to hoon.

Putting the Stinger GTS in comfort mode sends just 60 percent of its power to the rear wheels for a balanced and stable feel. Kicking it up to sport mode ups the rear-drive split to 80 percent for a more spirited on-throttle experience, while the aforementioned drift mode sends 100 percent of the Stinger’s power to the rear, allowing for all the smoky burnouts and sideways silliness your heart desires (in a controlled environment, of course).

In addition, a limited-slip differential has been added from the standard rear-wheel drive Stinger, and Kia has stated that changes to transmission outputs, stability control, and the power steering system have been made to adapt to the new all-wheel drive system.

While its true that the current Kia Stinger GT and GT2 are perfectly capable of hanging their tails out when equipped with rear-wheel drive, the GTS promises this same level of slidey satisfaction when you want it, but with all-wheel drive stability when you’re on a more serious drive. And all of this fun can be had for less than $50,000 if early estimates prove to be accurate.

Contact Us to Learn More!

If you yearn for the ideal combination of corner-hugging stability and tail-happy tire smoke, the Stinger GTS might just be for you. We should be seeing this exciting new sports sedan drop later this year, so contact us today to be notified when it goes in sale in Lancaster, PA!

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