Winter Service & Maintenance Tips

Winters here in East Petersburg can get pretty rough. From white-out blizzard conditions to icy slick roads and cold temps that place extra strain on your Kia's critical engine and drivetrain components, there are many things to consider from a maintenance perspective as the weather cools down in Pennsylvania. To help you stay on top of critical seasonal maintenance and service, we've come up with the following list of helpful winter service tips!


  • Have your battery checked: The cold winter weather in Lancaster, PA and the nearby areas can drain your battery faster. Get yours checked to make sure it has enough life left before winter is in full swing.
  • Get your oil changed: Making sure your oil is changed is always important, especially when colder weather hits.
  • Have your tires checked: Ensuring your tires have enough tread and aren't overly worn is a good way to make sure you have optimal traction when winter weather brings adverse road conditions.
  • Top off fluids: Keep your vehicle topped off with winter washer fluid, coolant, and all other fluids this winter.
  • Have your HVAC system checked: Your vehicle's heating and A/C systems help you stay warm in the winter and keep the interior of your windows clean and clear. Make sure they're working at fully capacity.
  • Have your brakes checked: Have your brake pads and rotors checked before winter weather hits.


Schedule Winter Service Today!

Ready to bring your vehicle in for winter service? You can easily schedule service or maintenance from the comfort of home! From all of us here at Lancaster Kia, serving Harrisburg, PA, York, PA and beyond, we can't wait to get your vehicle in tip-top mechanical shape in time for winter!

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