Routine Maintenance is Key to the Life of Your Kia

No matter which Kia model you purchase, it’s going to need service at some point or another. In fact, to help keep your Kia running smoothly for as long as possible, the manufacturer has recommended service intervals. Sticking to this schedule has several benefits, including increasing the resale value of your new Kia, ensuring key components don’t fail requiring additional repairs, and maintaining proper fluid levels for optimum cooling and lubrication, both of which are key to the long life of any vehicle.

While the schedule can vary slightly from vehicle to vehicle, the general idea is similar across the entire Kia brand. Take this Kia Forte maintenance schedule as an example, but consult your owner’s manual for specific information about your Kia Model.

7,500 miles

At this point in your Kia’s life, the cabin air filter gets replaced, while the vacuum hose, battery, brake system, power steering rack, transmission couplings, ball joints, and exhaust system will all be inspected for any possible manufacturing defects.

15,000 miles

Here, you’ll receive a 7,500 mile checkup again, with the addition of an inspection on the drive shaft and boot, vapor hose, fuel filler cap, fuel filter, and brake fluid level.


At 22,500 a repeat of the 7,500 mile checkup will occur


At 30,000 miles we will repeat the 15,000 mile inspection, but add an inspection of the cooling system, fuel lines, connectors, and transmission fluid.


Once again, you’ll get the 7,500 mile service.


Here you’ll receive the 15,000 mile check up yet again.


Beyond 45,000 miles

While no more factory scheduled maintenance is required after 45,000 miles, it is recommended to use the same schedule once again and to continue having your vehicle checked and serviced routinely to keep it running like new for as long as possible. And of course, keeping up with your oil changes, tires, and alignments will also help keep your Kia in top shape. Visit Lancaster Kia for all of your service needs and have our resident Kia experts take care of your vehicle in the way it deserves.

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