Vehicle maintenance is a must, but it can be time consuming. Luckily, our Lancaster Kia service department offers Kia Express Service. It's a fast-track way to provide your Kia with routine maintenance in 60 minutes or less. Read on to learn what it entails.

Free Kia Multi-Point Inspection

Our experienced, professional service team consists of savvy, Kia-certified techs who can perform any repairs and replacements your Kia needs in record time. Our complimentary Multi-Point Inspection covers every major component of your Kia, making sure everything is healthy or identifying issues that may need attention.

The Multi-Point Inspection is quite extensive, covering important vehicle components like brakes, tires, fluids, steering, and cooling/heating. As a result of the inspection, we remedy a small assortment of whatever express service items your Kia requires in the Harrisburg, PA area.

60-Minute Service Items

Typically, our Lancaster, PA service department can perform three to four express service items in under 60 minutes on top of the Multi-Point Inspection. Specific express service items are things like tire rotations, oil and filter changes, a battery test, wiper blade replacement and replacement of filters for both AC and engine air.

When to Schedule Express Service

There are no hard and fast rules about when you should get your Kia serviced. Your owner's manual and conventional automobile wisdom dictate the need for certain common types of service items after so much time or miles logged.


For example, if your Kia has seasonal tires, you definitely want to change them seasonally. Summer tires are built robust to withstand high temperatures. Winter tires are slightly softer to maximize grip and traction in inclement weather.

Unfortunately, winter tires degrade quickly in warm weather, so it's good to change them when spring rolls around. Tire rotations are another good idea, best completed every 5,000 to 7,500 miles.

Tire rotations ensure that each of your tires experiences equal tread wear. Equal tread wear maintains the integrity of vehicle handling, traction, braking, and efficiency.

Oil & Filter Changes

Oil and filter changes have a direct impact on the overall health and efficiency of your engine. Motor oil lubricates engine parts so that they move smoothly and more effectively. As motor oil lubricates your engine, it picks up impurities.

Dirty motor oil slows down your engine and even shortens its lifespan. Similarly, a polluted engine air filter prevents your engine from getting clean air, an ingredient that's crucial for proper combustion. It's recommended you change your oil and filter every 5,000 to 7,500 miles.


A battery test is also advisable seasonally. Your Kia's battery takes a beating in cold weather. The cold slows down the battery's internal chemicals necessary to create that crucial, initial spark and generate the power your car needs to start.

Of course, your battery can survive winter, but it's better to confirm its health before it breaks down. Typical battery lifespan is roughly two to five years. In most cases, battery fluid replacement is all that's necessary.

Only the Best Kia OEM Parts

If it turns out that your Kia requires replacement parts, we only use the highest quality Kia OEM parts. OEM parts are manufactured specifically for your Kia. Made with premium, durable materials, KIA OEM parts ensure that your vehicle's brakes, handling, safety, traction and ride quality continue to meet Kia's highest vehicle health standards.

Schedule Your Kia Express Service Near York, PA

Call us today to schedule your Kia Express Service or if you just have questions. Our dealership welcomes Kia drivers from Lancaster, PA and surrounding areas. We look forward to meeting you.

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