Looking to service your vehicle in the East Petersburg area? Drivers can look to the Lancaster Kia service team for assistance! Our seasoned team of service professionals is ready to assist Harrisburg, PA drivers with a host of auto service needs! From routine maintenance to more involved repair needs, drivers can count on the Lancaster Kia team!

Reliable Auto Service near East Petersburg

Here at Lancaster Kia, we understand that it can be difficult to find a service team that you can rely on. We're committed to providing Harrisburg, PA area drivers with transparent service that goes above and beyond the usual service experience! If you’re sick of dealing with dealerships that seem to spring fees and extra charges on you out of nowhere, then the Lancaster Kia team is the service team for you! From our array of online service tools to our team of seasoned technicians, drivers can look to the Lancaster Kia team with confidence!

Lancaster Kia Service Menu

Oil Change

Looking to get your oil changed in the York, PA area? Lancaster Kia can help! From synthetic oil to conventional oil, our service team is prepared to change your vehicle oil! Drivers can schedule an oil change with our handy online service scheduling tool.

Tire Rotation

Getting your tires routinely rotated is an important step (or rotation) towards ensuring that your tires wear down at a consistent rate. If left unrotated, your tires can wear down unevenly, causing premature wear-out. Fear not, the Lancaster Kia service team can assist with nearly any and all your tire rotation needs!

Brake Inspection

Have you been experiencing some concerning noises when you apply your brakes? Some screeching or grinding, possibly? If so, your brakes likely need some attention! Our service team is ready to take a look at your brakes to check on the overall health of your brakes. From brake pads to rotors and calipers, York, PA area drivers cans look to Lancaster Kia for assistance!

Fluid Flush & Refill

There's a host of fluids that play an important role in helping your vehicle run smoothly. It's important to consistently replenish your various fluids to ensure proper vehicle function! Our service team can test, flush, and then refill all your car fluids!

Transmission Repair

Searching for a service team in the York, PA area to repair your vehicle transmission? Stop the search; Lancaster Kia can help! From six-speed automatic transmissions to manual transmissions and continuously variable transmissions, drivers can look to the Lancaster Kia service team for assistance!

Windshield Wiper Repair

Dealing with streaky windshield wipers? Looking to return to a clear windshield? Lancaster Kia can help! We'll gladly repair your windshield wiper so you can get back to viewing Lancaster, PA roads through a clear windshield!

AC/Heater Repair

Make sure that you're prepared to handle the heat of summer and the cold of winter by getting your AC and heater serviced! Whether you're currently experiencing heater or AC problems, or you're looking to ensure that you don't, look to Lancaster Kia for help! Our service team is ready to work

Contact the Lancaster Kia Service Team

Have a few questions about our service offerings? Wondering if we cover any other service needs? East Petersburg drivers can contact our service team to get a full overview of our service menu! Lancaster, PA drivers can schedule a service appointment through our online service center!

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