Finance Your Next New or Used Car with Lancaster Kia, and We'll Make It Easy to Estimate Your Monthly Payments

You decided to take home a new Kia. Maybe you went with one of the many pre-owned vehicles from our extensive inventory here in East Petersburg. Either way, all you had left to do was figure out whether to go with auto financing or sign a Kia lease. Since you've got some travel plans, you opted to avoid mileage restrictions and head down the ownership road. Best of all, you plan to do it with one of our several flexible auto loan options, keeping your out-of-pocket low. That's just a matter of filling out some financing paperwork and stepping into the driver's seat.

But now that the whole plan's coming together, there's another handy tool you can take advantage of our easy-to-use payment calculator. Just key in a few details -- your car or truck's sales tag, any down payment you're making, and the interest rate and payoff term you'd prefer. We'll deliver instant results to give you a good idea of where you may stand monthly expense-wise.

You might be wondering about how to factor in a trade or the details of an auto loan. We'll bet you even have outstanding questions about leasing a Kia or off-brand model here at Lancaster Kia. We're ready to help. Feel free to contact us by phone or via e-mail or stop in at 5250 Main Street to say hello. We'll be delighted to meet you!

* These calculations are for reference purposes only. All figures are estimates only and are not guaranteed as accurate. Always consult a professional financial advisor.